Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Unfortunately, you can't turn on the news today without hearing about some type of crisis that requires the immediate attention of law enforcement. Brave officers routinely run into dangerous situations while everyone else is moving in the opposite direction. We recently saw this in Dallas, Texas, where five officers were senselessly gunned down while trying to protect a peaceful protest.

Police officers, state troopers, special agents, security guards, professional bodyguards, and military personnel are among Calasanz’ most loyal students and supporters. In addition to training officers who are currently employed in law enforcement, he also prepares candidates for the physical ability assessment test.

Calasanz has earned the respect of law enforcement over the last thirty years because he understands the challenges they face and has carefully tailored his programs to meet their needs.

Two police officers were among the first of Calasanz' students to complete the entire Wing Chun system! This modern kung-fu style is particularly useful to law enforcement because it can be learned within a short period of time and is very effective in subduing an attacker quickly and efficiently.

CALASANZ STREET SURVIVOR™ is also a very popular program with law enforcement because it is practical and useful.

This section profiles the law enforcement officers who are part of the Calasanz martial arts family and the true stars and celebrities of our community.

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Law Enforcement