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To provide the ultimate in physical fitness direction and science for individuals and families and to empower them to expand their health and physical presentation.

Our Motto: Devoted to evolving fitness in martial arts for over 35 years.

Calasanz left his farm in the Dominican Republic and came to the U. S. with the goal of pursuing a career in the martial arts. His innovative approach and unorthodox training methods created such a buzz around Fairfield County that he was attracting more and more students asking for one-on-one, personalized instruction.

Amateur and professional fighters looking for a competitive advantage were among the first to seek out his services. Then law enforcement officers and military personnel started coming through the door. So did Wall Street executives and local business owners. Then came the dancers, actors, and athletes. Models and beauty pageant contestants also wanted in.
Calasanz soon found himself becoming the school of choice for stars and celebrities! But it didn't stop there. Calasanz' stars and celebrities include students with physical disabilities, survivors of physical and mental abuse, people in recovery, at-risk youth, and homeless men and women in the process of rebuilding their lives.

Today Calasanz is the owner of one of the largest martial art dojos in the country. While he is proud of his accomplishments, he is just as proud of his students...the people he has trained and those who have promoted his system over the last thirty years.

Our new website shines a spotlight on the personalities, newsmakers, and superstars in the Calasanz martial arts family and how they have all contributed to the continuing legacy of the Calasanz System!

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